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Whale Watching In The Dominican Republic Your Complete Guide

Whale Watching In The Dominican Republic: Your Complete Guide

The adorable humpback whales gather in the warm waters off the Dominican Republic coast every year between mid-December to late March. If you plan to visit the Silver Bank Dominican Republic, then think of scheduling the trip. It is a rare and a precious sight to experience the whales there and nature’s spectacular gift to us making.

What To Expect At The Silver Bank Dominican Republic?

Every year, the Silver Bank and its surroundings witness the migration of thousands of North Atlantic humpback whales. In 2005, the NOAA humpback whale association had made an official count on the whale’s population. It was found that humpbacks, as many as 5000-7000, pass through the sanctuary every winter. It was also conducted that the Silver Bank Dominican Republic plays host to the largest humpback seasonal population in the entire North Atlantic Ocean.

Why Is Whale Watching Experience In The Dominican Republic One Of Its Kind?

Samana’s Sanctuary of the Humpback Whales is located in the northeast corner of the Dominican Republic and promises the best whale-watching experience. People in the Dominican Republic are very respectful of beautiful mammals. Whale watching is a unique experience in the Dominican Republic, as all boats are allowed to use the waters except those designated for whale watching.

What To See During Your Whale Watching Trip?

You will not be able to see full-grown humpback whales only, but you may also spot adorable newborn calves swimming under the watchful eyes of their mothers. It is also possible to see male humpbacks looking for attention from potential mates. It makes for a spectacular sight. They will also jump out of the water, leap into the air and clap their tails and fins together to create a booming sound.

What To Visit After Whale Watching?

It would help if you did not skip visiting the Museo de la Ballena or the Museum of Whales. On your visit to the Dominican Republic, take a walk into the museum home to a 40-foot humpback whale skeleton discovered in 1993. It is a fantastic attraction that can leave you mesmerized apart from your whale watching experience.

Whale Watching Tours In The Dominican Republic

There are the various Dominican Republic whale watching packages that you can take into consideration inclusive:

  • Whale Samana
  • Grand Bay Whales
  • Colonial Tour and Travel

Plan your trip to the Dominican Republic to have a look at the mightiest whales leaping out of the waters to delight you. The whale watching experience is impressive and is worth all your efforts and money.

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