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Top 8 Practical, Money-Saving Tips When Getting Lease-To-Own Cars

Considering lease to own cars in Singapore is actually a clever, convenient choice for saving money, starting life, buying a car, or anyone entering adulthood. The process begins with you buying from companies or enterprises that sell their used fleet vehicles. Many individuals prefer this for many motives, but to name a few reasons: First, the down payment to the company for the car lease often comes at a minimal price. Second, the monthly payments for the vehicle are much cheaper than a new car purchase. And lastly, most autos they sell are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Contrary to popular belief, where most leasing companies only deliver used ones, some enterprises of lease to own cars in Singapore actually sell brand-new units. However, while there are quite a lot of benefits to leasing, it may also come with numerous potential pitfalls. Remember that in life, there is no free ride. Follow these tips to stay on the right track and score the best transportation.

  1. 01. When buying lease to own cars in Singapore, you should negotiate with the agent regarding the purchase price. Make it look as if you are going to buy the car. Once you acquire the final price, that is the only time you deal with the leasing. This process is also considered a form of financing.
  2. 02. Other considerations to negotiate with the agent regarding the lease to own cars in Singapore include down payment, mileage limit, vehicle quality, and purchase-option price. Remember the golden rule: Like with a loan, the more you place down, the less your payment, extra costs, and finance charges will be.
  3. 03. Another negotiation to make with the company for the car lease is the lease money factor. These figures can help you determine how much the interest or rental portion of your monthly payment will be.
  4. 04. Unless the lease to own cars in Singapore includes one, you should consider getting or investing in Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) or any other automobile insurance to keep yourself financially protected if the vehicle gets involved in an accident or stolen.
  5. 05. One efficient and money-saving secret in buying lease to own cars in Singapore is to look for ones that do not depreciate quicker than an average auto. Doing so can help lower or keep your monthly payments to the minimum possible charge.
  6. 06. Avoid lease to own cars in Singapore that offer protection and warranty extension beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.
  7. 07. When doing business with the company for the car lease, you have to ensure all the end-of-lease procedures, payment fees, policies regarding returning the car, and the like are straightforward and fair.
  8. 08. Another consideration to make with lease to own cars in Singapore is the mileage. Consider investing in extra miles up front ONLY if you are always on the go, out, or you expect yourself to run over the standard allotment. Most mileage excess comes at an increased rate.

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