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Anantya Resorts - Your Ultimate Getaway Destination

Anantya Resorts: Your Ultimate Getaway Destination

Anantya Resorts, located in the picturesque district of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, India, offers a serene retreat for those seeking a break from the chaos of daily life. Surrounded by lush greenery, rolling hills, and pristine lakes, the resort provides an unforgettable experience that will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed. This article examines Anantya Resorts and why it should be your ultimate getaway destination. Let’s explore its location, accommodations, amenities, activities, and dining options; booking a room at Anantya Resorts is the perfect vacation.


The village of Kanyakumari, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is where Anantya Resorts is situated. The hills of the Western Ghats, where the resort is located, are known for their varied flora and fauna. The alternative is near the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, home to several animals, including elephants, tigers, and leopards. The resort is also close to the Thiruvalluvar Statue and the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, two of Kanyakumari’s famous landmarks.


To accommodate the demands of all types of visitors, these Resorts provide a selection of opulent hotel options. The resort’s 21 villas each offer a beautiful view of the hills around Chittar Lake. The villas are built utilizing a combination of classic and modern architecture and are furnished with all the contemporary conveniences you require for a comfortable stay.

Garden, Lake View, and Pool Villas are the three available villas.

The Garden Villas are the ideal choice for people who want to be more in touch with nature because they are surrounded by lavish vegetation. Those who appreciate taking in the lake’s serene beauty might choose the Lake View Villas. They offer breathtaking perspectives of Chittar Lake. Due to their private plunge pools, The Pool Villas are perfect for those who want to enjoy a life of luxury. The villas are air-conditioned and equipped with a flat-screen TV, mini-bar, tea and coffee-making supplies, and safe deposit boxes, among other conveniences.



The Veda Spa, the hotel in the resort, provides various therapies and treatments to promote relaxation and well-being for visitors. A group of skilled therapists at the spa employs organic substances to offer a complete therapeutic experience.

Yoga pavilion

The resort contains a yoga pavilion providing yoga and meditation programs to promote visitors’ physical and mental well-being.

Swimming pool

The resort has a swimming pool, which is excellent for a cool dip.

Nature walk

The resort offers guests a nature walk that leads them through the Western Ghats’ luxuriant vegetation. A knowledgeable guide shows the walk and shares knowledge about the local flora and fauna.

Kayaking, fishing, and boating are just a few water-based activities available to visitors at Chittar Lake.

Facilities for conferences and meetings

Anantya Resorts offers a forum and meeting room that can hold up to 40 people and is furnished with modern audio-visual equipment.

Choices for Meals

The resort’s two restaurants are The Lake View Restaurant and The Poolside Barbeque. Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisines are among the selections at the Lake View Restaurant. A family supper or a romantic evening can be had at the restaurant, which has a beautiful view of Chittar Lake. The Pebble uses only the finest and freshest ingredients for preparing its assortment of Indian and international dishes. Diners can choose to dine indoors or outside, and a candlelit meal by the lake is also an option. 

You can grill your meal to your preferences at the Poolside Barbeque, a unique dining experience. Various meats, seafood, and veggies are available at the restaurant for self-grilling. Multiple beverages and mocktails are also available at the restaurant for poolside enjoyment.

Cultural events

It offers visitors a rare opportunity to explore local culture and a comfortable vacation in the middle of nature. The resort is situated in Kanyakumari, a region of Tamil Nadu that is rich in culture and is well-known for its distinctive traditions and customs. By planning cultural programs highlighting the region’s beauty and diversity, Anantya Resorts hopes to give its visitors a taste of the local way of life.

Local Tours of Attractions

Sightseeing tours allow visitors to learn about the regional heritage and local culture. The resort collaborates with regional tour companies to offer guided excursions to well-known tourist destinations like the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Suchindram Temple, and Padmanabhapuram Palace. Visitors can also tour the nearby villages and engage with the populace to taste the locals’ way of life.

Dance and folk music

Anantya Resorts offers its visitors the chance to participate in regional folk music and dance, which are well-known for their rich cultural traditions in Tamil Nadu. The resort hosts live performances by regional artists who display their talent through folk music and dance. The concerts showcase the community’s culture and offer a window into its rituals and traditions.

Workshop in Ayurveda

The ancient Indian medicine known as Ayurveda has been practiced for many years. Anantya Resorts allows its visitors to learn about Ayurveda through a session led by qualified professionals. The program includes an explanation of the fundamental concepts of Ayurveda as well as demonstrations of various Ayurvedic therapies and treatments.

Additionally, Anantya Resorts offers cooking classes where visitors can learn how to make typical South Indian cuisine. The resort invites regional chefs to demonstrate their culinary prowess and impart their understanding of regional ingredients and preparation methods. These culinary demos offer a unique chance for visitors to discover the regional cuisine and pick up some cooking advice.

The resort also observes regional holidays like Pongal, Onam, and Diwali, allowing visitors to taste regional customs and traditions. The resort is decked out in traditional decorations during these festivals, and visitors may take in traditional food, music, and dance performances.

Anantya Resorts also holds workshops and seminars on subjects like yoga, meditation, and wellness in addition to these cultural activities. The resort welcomes professionals to share their expertise, giving visitors a rare chance to learn about and engage with these practices.


Anantya Resorts is the perfect destination for those looking to disconnect from the world and spend time in nature. The resort’s stunning location, lavish villas, and delectable dining options make it the ideal place to unwind. Everyone can find something to enjoy among the various activities available, whether they wish to explore the Western Ghats’ natural splendor or relax by the pool. It would help if you spent your next vacation at Anantya Resorts.

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