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4 Best Places To Visit In Knoxville, Tennessee On A Budget

4 Best Places To Visit In Knoxville, Tennessee On A Budget

Travelling is pretty expensive in 2022. But you’re lucky enough if you get an opportunity to visit Knoxville, Tennessee, to enjoy your time on vacation. You can get the most out of your trip by visiting multiple tourist destinations in Knoxville. It is so inexpensive that you can travel for a few days, a week, or even an entire month without worrying much about your budget.

However, here are a few regions in Knoxville, TN, that you can visit if you’re on a budget restriction and enjoy seeing this beautiful city.

1. The Greenways And Urban Wilds

If you plan to go on a retreat, the greenways and the wilds are excellent places to spend most of your time. It consists of approximately 50 miles of long trails and is a well-known spot for paddleboarding and hiking.

You can cover the entire trip at the lowest price if you rent vehicles like boats, bicycles, and bikes. The local shops at Knoxville provide them for reasonable rates to help you explore the woods without wasting an extra penny. Also, you can go on any trail in the mountains, rivers, and forests. All of them are easy to access for tourists.

2. Botanical Garden & Arboretum At Knoxville

It is a must-visit place if you love to visit outdoor areas more often. You have to drive for only 10-minutes from the town. The garden’s aura and the quiet environment take you into an entirely different world altogether. Its 1-mile-long path is filled with serenity and silence that tourists can explore peacefully.

Entering the botanical garden is free, and it also conducts free-to-watch workshops and events for visitors.

3. East Tennessee Historical Society & Museum

You’d also love to visit the historical society & museum in Knoxville, TN. It opens 365 days a year and has the story behind why East Tennessee and the entire state are so much different from each other. You’ll have to pay $5 for entry as an adult, and the access is entirely free of charge for kids aged less than 16.

4. World’s Fair Park

The world’s fair park is a must-visit for adults and kids in Knoxville. It’s situated in the center of the entire city. It’s the best location for families to go for a tour as it has several attractions for spectators.

One must undoubtedly visit the museum situated within the park. Visitors can also choose to take shelter near the park. The apartment in many regions of Knoxville is pocket friendly.

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